A local store is getting ready for its first recreational marijuana sale. Washington state’s legal recreational marijuana industry is set to begin next week.

The store ‘Satori’ along Division in North Spokane recently went through its final inspection with the Washington State Liquor Control Board. The store’s owner is now waiting for its license so the shop can start selling pot to the public.

Store owner Justin Wilson has been working for months to get the store ready. He has had his eye on this industry since voters approved Initiative 502 in 2012.

Regulators made sure Wilson was keeping the store up to code, particularly regarding security measures.

Wilson said the public should expect prices to reach as much as $70 for an eighth of an ounce. 
That would amount to $560 for an ounce, which is the legal limit people could purchase. 

By the fall, however, he expected there would be a steady supply of marijuana.

Depending on when Satori gets its license, the store could open on Tuesday, July 8, but Wilson expected to be in business by mid-July at the latest.