Law enforcement officers shot and killed a woman Tuesday night outside Bonner General Hospital.

The incident was initially designated just a "weapons call" by authorities, but officers opened fire on the woman around 9 p.m. The Bonner County Sheriff's Department said the female suspect was armed with a knife and came at them. 

There were gunshots and heavy police activity around 3rd Ave. and Alder Street, next to Bonner General.

It was not immediately clear how many officers were involved or how many shots were fired.
The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office was tasked with leading the investigation into the officer-involved shooting. Sheriff Darryl Wheeler said, however, investigative resources were still strained because of the recent officer-involved shooting along Interstate 90 in Post Falls.


As is typical with officer-involved shootings, police stayed on scene late into the night and early into Wednesday morning. 

Bonner General Hospital remained open overnight. Emergency patients were asked to use a different entrance because of police presence.