Three cars collided in North Spokane late Thursday morning, just one block away from a mock wreck staged to educate students at North Central High School.

The real wreck happened at Indiana and Howard. No one was seriously hurt, according to officials. It was not immediately clear what led to the crash.

Meanwhile, police motorcycles, fire engines, ambulances and the coroner's van were parked in front of nearby North Central High School as students watched the reenactment of a realistic crash scene.

Students watched as their classmates and first responders acted out the tragic results of an alcohol-related crash. For about two decades, N.C. Health teacher Chuck Filippini has worked with students groups to dedicate a day during prom and graduation party season to highlight the effects of drinking and driving in an intense and personal way.

After students watched the mock crash, they were set to attend a mock funeral for their classmates. For the rest of the day, many students planned to go to classes in black cloaks with their faces painted white to symbolize the teens who have died in car crashes.

Organizers of the mock crash said they wanted to help students make good decisions by reminding them that the number one cause of death for teenagers is automobile crashes.