Bullets narrowly missed a Spokane County man who came home to catch a suspected burglar in the act.  The entire fiasco ended with authorities arresting Ethan L. Burrow, 23. 
The elderly victims returned home around 9:00 p.m. from a bridge game. Ron Kruerger claimed that he knew something was not right when he turned into his driveway. 

Kruerger also spotted his neighbors car in his driveway, found his garage door wide open, and entered his home to find destruction. He said every room was trashed. So Kruerger told his wife to wait outside while he checked out the home. 

When Kruerger walked back inside the home to call 911, he noticed a man pointing a rifle at his head. 

But Kruerger decided to run and to his shock the suspect began walking away. 

Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies later identified the armed man as Burrow.  Deputies caught Burrow about one mile from Krueger’s house. 

Burrow stole at least one firearm from the home, the neighbor’s vehicle, and other items according to deputies.

Deputies arrested Burrow for 1st Degree Armed Burglary and 1st Degree Assault in addition to charges for Theft of a Motor Vehicle and Theft of a Firearm.  Burrow initially reported a second person was involved, but deputies determined he acted alone after further investigation.