There have been a spike of attacks against guards at the Spokane County Jail.

Three guards have been attacked in just one month.The latest incident caused a Spokane County Jail officer to be hospitalized after he was jumped from behind by an inmate. Records showed that Issiah Joy attacked the guard as he was dealing with another inmate, complaining about an imperfection with his meal.

Jail workers said Joy attacked the guard randomly. Officials told KREM 2 News the attacks stem from an increase in more violent offenders being locked up.

"It's not misdemeanors or drunk drivers, we have inmates who have committed very, very serious crimes these days," said Lt. Mike Sbarber,

With a facility that's bursting at the seams, jail workers said that violent offenders have little chance to blow off steam.

"The crowding contributes because we're keeping them locked up in their cells for a longer period of time, and their tempers escalate," Lt. Sbarber told KREM 2 News.

Those tempers then explode on the staff.  Administrators have insisted they do whatever they can to keep corrections officers out of harms way. They have admitted they have no control over who walks through their doors.

Joy was charged with assaulting an officer.  He was originally in custody for 1st degree rape of a child.