Online voting ends July 16 for a Spokane woman who is nominated for one of the highest honors in the sport world. 

Minda Dentler is a paraplegic tri-athlete from Spokane and she is also up for an ESPY Award. 

Polio changed Dentler’s life when she was just six months old. 

Three years later, Dentler was adopted. Her birth mother left her at an orphanage because she could no longer take care of her. She left Indian and was raised in Spokane by Dr. Bruce Dentler and his wife Ann. 

As a result, Minda endured painful surgeries, but eventually learned to walk with the help of crutches and leg braces. She remembered watching her brothers and sister take part in sports and wondering how it would feel to actually be in the race.

However, it was not until Minda grew up and moved to New York City that she was introduced to Achilles International, an organization which enables athletes with disabilities. 

That is when Minda took to hand-cycling, which then grew into full triathlons. In 2012, she qualified for the ironman competition. 

In 2013, Minda not only finished, she won her division. Minda is now one of four finalist for an ESPY Award. 

Minda might be surprised, but her parents always knew she was destined for great things.

“We've always expected that her determination and personality would take her lots of places,” said Ann. 

However, whether or not Minda wins an ESPY, she knows she has already won.