The July 24th windstorm that blew through Spokane County has created chaos at a Chattaroy mobile home park. 

One week after the storm hit, tensions erupted at the Riverside Village Mobile Home Park along Newport Highway leading to a physical fight. Witnesses called authorities to the scene and they broke up the fight. 

Work crews estimated nearly 300 trees fell in the park during the storm or had to be knocked down for fire safety. The Property Manager said nearly all of those trees are being removed due to fire dangers. During the storm, trees fell and stacked onto mobile homes like Lincoln Logs. 

Tenants went days without water and have been without power for a week.  

About half of the tenants had power as of Thursday evening.  The rest could be waiting 2-6 weeks according to the property manager.

The property manager, Sandi McCoin, has been busy answering a steady stream of phone calls from tenants. She has even received physical threats after telling 12 people their homes are not livable.

Red Cross workers, and other non-profit agencies, delivered generators and food to the park. But, there were not enough generators to go around. Volunteers came to help haul away the trees.