Kip Moore is not backing down- he's NOT a fan of scalping tickets and continues to stand up for his fans.

An ESPN radio host named Jeff Thurn ruffled Kip Moore’s feathers this week over Kip’s stance on ticket scalping.

After a brief Twitter war -- a conversation that’s not suitable for work -- Kip called KSOO in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Monday for a civil debate to hash out differences over ticket scalping as a legitimate business. Kip is against people selling tickets on the secondary market, but Jeff believes it's a legal business run by honest, hardworking people.

On the show, Kip took offense to Jeff’s insinuating that his stance is “a PR move.” He said,, “You were walking on the fightin’ side of me pretty fast with that. I realize that’s your job and I’m trying to stay calm with this whole interview.”

Here's the entire conversation...