You may think, because of my job, it's really easy for me to strike up conversations with strangers and make small talk.  In truth, it's just the opposite. I've slowly become more comfortable with it- but often still feel anxious. This job has definitely helped me (or rather made me) be more brave and okay with idea that sometimes when you're at a work event and strike up a convo with someone they may give you a blank stare and a why-the-heck-would-I-talk-to-you eyebrow raise. 

(This picture's a little off but I had a hard time finding a 'small talk' pic that fit.)

For those of you who aren't completely comfortable with small talk but strive to be better, I found these tips to help you navigate the tricky art of 'stranger conversation' and bringing up the weather ISN'T in the mix...

*Search for commonalities.

*Don't ask someone what they do.

*Embrace the silence.

*Keep it positive.

*Look at your conversation as a learning experience.

Read the details of each tip here.

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