This is a lawsuit that might make a big difference in what people can post to Facebook- that is- if the woman wins...

Facebook is facing a major lawsuit that could not only cost them over $100 million, but it could open the floodgates for many more lawsuits requiring the social media site to police its users and user complaints much more carefully.

Meryem Ali is suing Facebook for $123 million because a former friend of hers created a fake account on the site and posted photoshopped photos of her head on naked bodies. The issue is not the fake profile – the issue, according to the lawsuit, is that the social media giant didn't take the photos down fast enough photos – even though Meryem flagged the profile and the photos numerous times. So, according to Meryem, Facebook was made aware of the situation and didn't do anything about it in a reasonable time.

The $123 million isn't just a random large sum of money. It was calculated by multiplying .10 or 10 cents by the 1.23 billion users Facebook has that may have potentially seen the photos. (Cosmo)

Photo courtesy of Getty Images