Fashion is always bringing back trends from different decades. Trends we thought we would never see again but with a little twist. This fact alone makes it very hard for me to clean out my closet. I see no need to get rid of any pieces unless they don't fit and won't ever fit again. Another problem I have is taking all of my mom's hand-me-downs.


Now you might think that taking your mom's hand-me-downs is lame; but hear me out. First off they are vintage, SCORE! Secondly, your clothes will look different and better than the new ones on the racks. Also, I find that I have connections with the clothes that my mom gave me that other clothes don't . They have a story and a personal history with my family.


So maybe the next time you get a compliment on your bomber jacket you can say, "Thank you. It was my mom's. She wore it to see the Stones in '76."


XOXO, Sam Seay