Washing your face is one of the most important and sometimes the most tedious tasks a woman faces in the day. Sometimes you just want to crash into bed and not do anything. Other times an impromptu sleepover or a wild girls night can clog your brainwaves and you end up sleeping with your makeup still intact. You wake up with smears on your pillow, mascara chunks on your cheeks and you find zits within the next 24 hours forming where your pores were clogged. It's a huge dissapointment. Wouldn't it be easier if there was makeup built to be slept in? Well, some companies are now working on just that. These products will not harm your complexion and you will wake up looking glamorous as opposed to sloppy.


For your skin use: Pure Transformation Night Treatment by bareMinerals! This product is designed to be slept in! It replenishes your skin throughout the night and won't rub on your pillow! The best part is that it doesn't clog your skin and you wake up with a beautiful glow! Get yours from Sephora for $60 here!


For your eyes use: Just get eyelash extensions already! You don't ever have to wear mascara and your lashes look stunning 24/7! For a starter kit it usually runs up to $150 but fills are so much cheaper! Some salons offer deals to clients who buy packages! If your stylist is new and building a profile they offer great deals to clients who act as models. You could get extensions for free or even half off! I follow all my stylist on Facebook. Sometimes when they have cancelations they will post the opening and offer services half off to anyone who can make it in!


For your lips use: Outlast Lipstain by COVERGIRL! It's cheap and comes in so many colors! Since its a stain it actually soaks into your lips so there is no chance of it smearing during the night! Get your lip stain from Ulta for only $8.99 here!


- Sam Seay