Electronic DJ, Tiesto came through to sit down and chat about the release of his new album, A Town Called Paradise . Tiesto discusses how bootleggers helped his career by getting his music heard. He says, "It's amazing, I think it helped my career actually that those bootlegs came out. It was so hard to get your music out back then. So to have those bootlegs out all over America it was great!" DJ Tiesto explains why he's so happy all the time saying, "Every DJ has it's own character, for me this is my life, I love music, I love DJing..." Tiesto expresses his excitement being able to be on the radio and how special all of it is.

After two years, Tiesto finally finished his album he goes in to detail about the creative process and personally hand picking out the tracks for his 18 song album. Tiesto finds out about the insanity that will be going down at the iHeart Radio Pool Party in Miami, where Tiesto will perform.

Take a look at the interview here:

Photos: Tiesto In-Studio

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